Escapetrail Saalbach

Escape Trail

Escape Trail: Smugglers Path

Do you love to solve tricky scavenger hunts together in a group? Then the new Escape Trail in Saalbach is just right for you! In the year 1765, the muleteer (load carrier) Anna sends a call for help by mistake to the year 2023. She is innocently in jail for liquor smuggling. However, Reverend Thaddeus believes in her innocence and makes those involved confess. Help them uncover the conspiracy and free Anna from the dungeon. Can you manage to help Anna?

Info: We recommend the Escape Trail for ages 12 and up for groups of 2 to 8 people. The game takes about 3-5 hours with a walking time of about 90 minutes for 5 km and 170 meters of altitude. You can pick up the game set – together with a Buckelkraxn – at the Tourism Service Center. The price per game is 79 euros. Good shoes, surefootedness, smartphone with full battery and internet are prerequisites. Please note that the Escape Trail is not suitable for strollers.

Bag Jump Saalbach Hinterglemm Rosentalerhof Hotel and Apartments


Practice makes perfect

It’s here at last – the perfect place to practise your jumps. Practice in safety next to the Reiterkogelbahn cable car and perfect the coolest tricks without risking injury. The Bag Jump Area is free of charge and open daily from 9 am to 8.30 pm. The Bag Jump is closed in bad weather on safety grounds. We wish you lots of fun and lots of cool jumps.
From the Goaßstall you can enjoy a drink in the evening and watch the skydivers. Open until 9 p.m. in good weather.

Bergglitzern Saalbach Hinterglemm Rosentalerhof Hotel and Apartments


Bergglitzern (mountain glamour) makes women’s eyes sparkle.

Discover the beauty of the mountains with other women and our mountain guides. After getting sporty on the bikes, you’ll always be able to regain inner peace with meditation and yoga on the Forest Wellness Trail. Get time for reflection with Mountain Yoga and Yin Days. Enjoy the benefits of this special programme, designed exclusively for women.

Info: The current weekly schedule is available at the hotel.

Valley end Hinterglemm Rosentalerhof Hotel and Apartments


Kids Wander Challenge

It’s here at last! The ideal way to get your children motivated about hiking! The Kids Hiking Challenge triggers children’s instincts as explorers and sets them off on a mountain adventure. There are 6 different Kids Hiking Trails (Nature Trail, Treetop Trail, Fairytale Forest, Zwölferkogel Summit, Schattberg Summit and Motor Skills Trail), and children have to check in at 3 control stations on each hike. You’re deemed to have completed a trail when three symbols have been punched. Once you’ve completed 2 trails, you get a cool reward.

Information: There’s a bronze medal for 2 complete trails, a silver medal for 3-4 trails and a gold medal for 5-6 trails! Rewards can be claimed from the Saalbach Hinterglemm tourist office.

Yoga in Saalbach Hinterglemm Rosentalerhof Hotel and Apartments

Alm Yoga

Serenity in the mountains: Alpine yoga

Gain renewed strength from nature. Enhance the healing effect of the aromatic mountain air with special yogic breathing exercises. Asanas are held at the Hintermaisalm hut every Tuesday from 4 pm to 5 pm and are suitable for everyone from beginners to yogini. All you need is comfortable clothing, joy and 10 €.

You can registerdirectly with us at Reception. The Hintermaisalm is about 20 minutes’ walk from the middle station of the Zwölferkogelbahn gondola.
Information: Book with Sabine Gensbichler on +43 (0) 6541 64 88

Trailrunning Saalbach Hinterglemm Rosentalerhof Hotel and Apartments


Heart rate, sweat and expansive views: TRAIL RUNNING – get your running shoes on and away we go!

Tie your laces and head off down unknown tracks. Start right from the Reiterkogelbahn cable car (300 m). From there, run slightly uphill to the Reiteralm hut and then on up to the Speichersee Lake cross. After you pass the glittering lake and its crystal waters, your calves will be screaming, because you’re now on the steepest part of the trail.
But you’ll be rewarded with views of the magnificent Hinterglemm Alps from the very peak of the Reiterkogel. Run along the ridge, past the Rosswaldhütte restaurant and back to the Reiterkogelbahn lift, which will take you back down the valley.

Kneipping Saalbach Hinterglemm Rosentalerhof Hotel and Apartments


Feeling your pulse: Kneipp water therapy right outside the door – cool and refreshing for tired legs

Bring yourself completely into the here and now, feel alive and hear your heart beating. The beneficial effects of a Kneipp session are right outside our front door. This ancient healing therapy promotes general wellbeing and strengthens the immune system. Start your daily reinvigoration with the Kneipp path in the family park. The three different pools, lined with rocks and with crystal-clear mountain water, really make your legs tingle. As you’d expect, they’re very cold. But as you wade through the water, you stimulate your circulation and metabolism, promote blood flow and strengthen your veins.

Info: Bring a towel and warm socks.


The crystal clear Hintersee lake in the Hohe Tauern National Park: an adventure for the whole family

Discover a breathtaking natural wonder as you look into the crystal clear waters of Hintersee lake in the Hohe Tauern National Park, surrounded by steep rock faces. The best time to visit this impressive spot is the morning, when the sun’s rays glitter especially beautifully on the surface. A good place for a lunch break or a snack is the Gamsblickhütte hut, which serves regional delicacies such as Alpine cheeses, cured ham and home-made bread.
And another highlight awaits you: Just a few steps from the hut is the head of the valley, and as you walk towards it you’ll see a few little waterfalls along the route, and then a spectacular large waterfall.

Location: Mittersill, around 1 hour by car from the Rosentalerhof. The Hintersee lake lies to the south of Mittersill at the end of the Felber valley and it can be easily reached by car; there is a car park within walking distance.

Best time to visit: in the morning

High Ropes Park Saalbach Rosentalerhof Hotel and Apartments

Jump & Slide Park

Mega Zipwire: High ropes adventure with Jump & Slide Park

Want to defy gravity? Then the Hinterglemm high ropes adventure park is the place for you. Choose from the:

  • High ropes obstacle course – Austria’s largest high-rope adventure park has 12 obstacle courses spread over 8km where visitors can put their skills to the test. Highlights include six rope slides, four valley crossings and several bridges.
  • Mega Zipwire (Europarutsche) – Pe